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  • Location: 55 Bond St, New York, NY
  • Price: $33
  • Duration: 50 minutes
  • Intensity: High
  • Phone: (212) 228-3569
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A workout for the go-getters amongst us.

Box and Flow could be the name of your neighborhood authorized UPS® shipping store, but it's also an exercise combo you maybe never knew existed until now. This boxing and yoga combo class feels motivation-heavy, designed for the person wants to get in two types of workouts in one day.

Box + Flow is catered to a go-getter: someone who gets up at 7 AM to fit in both yoga and boxing before work on an average Tuesday. If you’re someone trying this for kicks, it’s worth noting that the workout is a do-able doozy. As a newcomer, you’ll be required to buy wraps and rent gloves at the front desk. At $8 all-in, it’s not a huge commitment but you will now own boxing wraps, even if you never box again. Either way, the instructors and their warehouse rave playlist are motivating, and you’ll have the most fun if you choose to buy into it and go along with the punches.

Box + Flow is a big fan of the motivational quote.

The instructor weaves through the small row of punching bags with energized words of encouragement and depending on your mood, this ranges from cheesy and exhausting to downright inspiring. Their energy is like a Red Bull: you can rely on the boost of energy, but cannot necessarily keep up with what you have consumed. Great for 50 minutes, but no more than that.

To start off, you pair up with a partner to hold the bag during your punches. If you didn’t bring a friend, don’t sweat it; this isn’t a seatmate on the bus and there’s no room to chat. After three rounds of alternating speed punches and power punches, you find your favorite roster of moves and play to your strengths..The Box portion of the course is one that excuses a week hiatus from exercise (or at least it felt that way).

Don’t think, though, that your 15 minutes of Flow is the slower part of the class. The yoga portion of Box + Flow feels very fast– it’s a core-focused, rhythm-heavy yoga practice, rather than, say, a restorative flow for cooling down.

Inside the studio.

It’s worth mentioning that at times there are two instructors in the class – one leading the course and one doing it with you. At this point in the workout, should you have a second instructor, they’re with you, encouraging you to the finish line, which is a nice touch.

After 50 minutes without breaks, you boxed, you flowed, and you are on your way to whatever’s next with a nice round of applause from the instructor.

— Photo Credit: Active Spaces

We Got You

  • Class is barefoot or in socks. Shoes aren't allowed!
  • Gloves cost $3 to rent, and wraps cost $5 to buy. You'll need both. Yoga mats are provided.
  • There are no explicit water breaks within the 50 minutes but that shouldn't stop you from hydrating. We would definitely recommend bringing a (very) large bottle of water for recovery.
  • Before committing to a bundle, try their intro offer: two classes for the price of one.

Studio Amenities


  • Cubbies
  • Early Morning Classes

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