• Location: 193 North 9th Street, Brooklyn, NY
  • Price: $25 day; $99 a month
  • Duration: You Decide
  • Intensity: Up to you
  • Phone: 718-486-0630
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An affordable, all-inclusive neighborhood gym in Williamsburg.

Some things are worth leaving your neighborhood for: dinner at your favorite restaurant, a concert you bought tickets to three months in advance without realizing it was at Forest Hills Stadium, a first date with someone totally out of your league.

Some things are not worth leaving your neighborhood for: like your dry cleaner, the $1 slice shop around the corner, or the dive bar that always seems to be packed despite the fact that it’s kind of gross and they serve mediocre beer. They’re all fine. But you wouldn’t go out of your way for them.

That’s exactly how we feel about Chalk Gyms. It’s fine—good even—if you live or work in Williamsburg.

In terms of pricing, Chalk Gyms occupies the rare space between Blink and Equinox. It’s $99 a month and there are no fees for anything, which is always a win. They have a ton of classes, too, and, again, they’re nothing to go out of your way for, but if you’re already in the neighborhood and you like classes, they will do the trick.

Lots of classes and plenty of treadmills.

Chalk offers bootcamp, cycling, yoga, barre, boxing, HIIT, and mat pilates.

The space is clean and nice, and the locker room has blow dryers, a couple of showers, and a small sauna. There’s a lot of orange and the stairs say “harder, better, faster, stronger.” We assume that’s supposed to be motivational. We’ll leave that up to you.

What’s clear is that there is a ton of equipment and it’s all on the newer side. All of the standard equipment you would expect from a gym plus two small studios for group classes. It’s never so crowded here that you can’t do your thing. That’s another win.

Chalk is a good place to know about, especially with the L (maybe, maybe not) shutting down. And their free two-day trial doesn’t hurt either. It’s a premium, but not luxury, gym that fills a need. So if you’re looking for affordable classes and an upgrade from Blink, meet Chalk.

— Photo Credit: Active Spaces.

We Got You

  • Their two-day free trial can be used on non-consecutive days.
  • Afterwards, their $25 day pass is a great way to take a class and get access to the gym.
  • Bring your own lock to secure your belongings.
  • If you’re willing to pay a bit more and are interested in personalized training options, Brooklyn Athletic Club, which is closer to Greenpoint, is a better option.

Studio Amenities


  • Changing Rooms
  • Cubbies
  • Early Morning Classes
  • Late Night Classes
  • Showers
  • Plastic Bags for Sweaty Clothes

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