Brooklyn Heights
  • location-iconLocation: 163 Remsen Street, 2nd Floor, Brooklyn, NY
  • price-iconPrice: $34
  • duration-iconDuration: 60 minutes
  • intensity-iconIntensity: Moderate
  • Stroke 1Phone: 347-763-0029
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Hot yoga in Brooklyn Heights with plenty of room to breathe.

While you’ve likely never heard of the band the Power Station, you’ve got to give them credit for being ahead of their time with their 1980s classic Some Like It Hot. Of course, they were probably alluding to the wave of hot yoga that would inevitably take cities by storm. Right?

Anyway. Heatwise’s main class is called “Some Like it Hot.” And some do like it hot, just not too hot. You might think you hate hot yoga because, you, like some of us, have overactive sweat glands.

However, Heatwise is all about breathing room. For starters, it never gets deathly hot in here. It’s supposed to be hot yoga, not how-hot-can-we-make-it-until-you-pass-out yoga. The room is kept between 85 and 95 degrees, and it’s well ventilated.

And because hot yoga does not have to mean inhale-your neighbor’s-lingering-lunch-breath yoga, Heatwise also ensures ample space between you and your neighbor. The mats clearly correspond to numbered spots on the floor and they’re all at least 12 inches apart. You won’t find this kind of space in Manhattan. Lastly, when class is over, you will immediately be greeted with a cold eucalyptus towel. Move over, Equinox!

Heatwise almost exclusively offers standard Vinyasa flow classes. They do one thing and they do it well. The music here varies, but it’s usually on point. We particularly like their Beatwise classes, which, as the name suggests, feature music with a higher BPM. Check Instagram before heading over to see the musical theme of the week. Past themes include Florence and the Machine, Lizzo, and New Wave.

In addition to Beatwise and their signature Some Like It Hot class, Heatwise occasionally offers advanced classes called Extra Crispy, as well as a core-focused class, Chargrilled.

A spacious getting ready area.

Once a week, Heatwise also offers a prenatal class and a restorative class, both of which are unheated.

Besides offering quality yoga, Heatwise gets hospitality right—the staff here is genuinely friendly. It’s like they’re actually happy to have you in class, not just to have your money. In fact, everything here, like mats and towels, is included. You may wind up whipping out your credit card anyway for their cozy merch and Bear’s Fruit Kombucha, though. To top things off, your exact mat is booked online in advance, so you know exactly where you’ll be—no stress and no rushing to the studio 10 minutes early to secure your favorite spot.

If you dwell in Brooklyn Heights and are looking for a hot-but-not-too-hot yoga class, Heatwise is for you. For the rest of us, we think the studio’s good music, friendly instructors, and ample space make it worth a visit. Heatwise manages to be hot, without being too hot. And to be cool, without being too cool.

— Images via Heatwise.

We Got You

  • Ample changing rooms, but just two bathrooms.
  • Three-hour cancellation policy. If you have to late-cancel, you’ll lose the class but it’s better than the $10 penalty fee.

Studio Amenities

Brooklyn Heights

  • Changing Rooms
  • Cubbies
  • Early Morning Classes
  • Electronic Lockers
  • Late Night Classes
  • Swanky Products

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