Kick Axe

  • Location: 622 Degraw Street, Brooklyn, NY
  • Price: $35 per person
  • Duration: 75 minutes
  • Intensity: Low
  • Phone: 833-542-5293
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Kick Axe Throwing is a solid option for your next low-key birthday party or corporate bonding event.

Kick Axe is a really good place for things like birthday parties or corporate bonding, or a great way to spend the day with your family from out of town when you can’t handle another museum. And before you try and throw an axe at your annoying sibling, you should know that everything here is very controlled and no one is giving you that kind of freedom.

After you sign your waiver, you go with your group and meet your “axe-pert.” This place is all about the puns, so you may as well embrace it. A quick safety run down and you’re ready to start throwing. They lead you through different games and they keep score, which is nice because that gives you some time to drink beer or eat pizza. The axe throwing sessions are 75 minutes and (luckily) that’s not enough time to get super hammered.

An axe-cellent lodge aesthetic.

If you’re looking for a workout, Kick Axe won’t do the trick. But you are moving, and it is active, so it’s a perfect place to take your boss who keeps on pushing that group SoulCycle ride. Kick Axe feels like a happy medium. It’s a place that’s as fun as you make it.

If you show up with less than eight people, you’ll be sharing your lane with some randos. Eight people gets you your own lane and you’ll just be playing among friends. Once you have your own lane you can add up to four more pals. Pretty axe-cellent.

— Photo Credit: Active Spaces.

We Got You

  • Wear closed toe shoes and clothes you can comfortably move around in.
  • Plan to arrive a bit early so that you can sign the waiver and….get to Gowanus.
  • Book in advance! Popular times fill up fast.
  • 24 hour cancellation policy.

Studio Amenities


  • Late Night Classes

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