• Location: 7 West 45th Street, 14th Floor, New York, NY
  • Price: $145
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Intensity: Custom
  • Phone: 917-671-0542
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A not-so-hidden personal training gym in the heart of Midtown.

If you, like us, have ever joined a gym to almost never go because you don’t know what to do with 95% of the equipment, then you, like us, know that if you want to find a personal trainer, it’s hard to know where to start.

Do you ask your mom’s friend for a recommendation? Do you go down an Instagram rabbit hole? Do you decide to join an already-intimidating gym where people grunt when they drop their weights and then pay for personal training on top of that?

All of those options are okay, but the LIV Method is better. Nestled in the no man’s land that is Midtown (sorry), lies a discrete but very good personal training gym. The space isn’t fancy, but it works. There aren’t really any amenities either, but they do have free Poland Spring. They’re definitely growing though and word on the street is that upgrades are on their way. That said, there are some upgrades they should make right away: like consistent temperature control and consistent playlists. On the upside, you’ll only find a couple of people in here at a time, which helps keep things feeling chill.

The LIV Method stands for Longevity, Integrity, and Vitality.

It’s hard to beat the accountability of having a personal trainer and that accountability tends to attract a bunch of people who want you to know they’re getting in shape or are “shredding for the wedding.” If you stumbled upon the LIV Method on Instagram in your personal training rabbit hole (just come to us first next time!), it kind of looks like everyone here is a bride-to-be, but we assure you that’s not the situation IRL.

People here are at all different stages of fitness and there’s no intimidation factor. We won’t name names but a few of the most well-known personal training gyms in the city are very exclusive. If this is your first rodeo, you won’t feel out of place here. But if you’re already in shape and looking to take it up a notch, the LIV Method will suit you just as well.

There’s an emphasis on form and the gym itself is focused on weight training and TRX equipment, plus ergs, battle ropes, and the trusty sled—so your trainer will never put you on a machine and then check back in on you in five minutes. The trainers here are fully invested in your well-being and don’t subscribe to the notion of pushing you to do more than you can handle and then call it “training.” Accordingly, the LIV Method is definitely not cheap, but then again, good personal training never is.

If you’re the incognito, under the radar type, we should warn you that this is the kind of place where you’ll run into your old camp friend or sister’s ex-roommate’s ex-boyfriend, etc. You can always request to be matched with a trainer who will come to you, though. The LIV Method uses a survey and a phone call to match you with a personal trainer and your first session is on them.

Ultimately, The LIV Method is a great place to learn how to pick things up and put them down, jump start a lifting and training routine that you can take with you back to the gym, or achieve some specific goals with the help of a trainer. It’s not as cushy as Equinox but the instruction is solid and it’s one of our go-to’s for personal training in the city.

— Photo Credit: Active Spaces.

We Got You

  • Save money by buying more sessions in a package.
  • There are group classes on the weekend for the extra committed.
  • The LIV Method also offers nutrition and massage services, but we can’t speak to those.
  • If you need it, your trainer will often end your session with the Theragun. Clutch.

Studio Amenities


  • Cubbies
  • Early Morning Classes
  • Late Night Classes

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